Can the Body of a Woman be your teacher?
Is there a wisdom in her soft curves?
Do you know the language of a circle?
What about her writhing undulations?
Her Wild Pleasure?
Her wetness?
Can your Lust inform your Heart?
Is she sacred or profane? 
What about the animal of the body
that is your one true name? 

Excerpt from “Holy Whore”
By Maya Luna

Maya Luna is a Poet and Ritual Performance Artist

She offers Spiritual Transmission through Medicinal Poetry and channels Wild Feminine Essence through the vessel of her Body.

Her Art focuses on the themes of 

Love.Sex.Life.Death.Truth.Reality.Darkness.The Sacred Feminine.Embodiment.Non Duality.Tantra.Mystery.Tabboo

Her first spoken word poetry album "Holy Darkness: A Tantric Opus" is available Summer Solstice 2018

She also serves as a Tantric Dakini: A Feminine Conspirator into the pathless path of Non-Dual Tantra