You were born

From a wound

Cut from safety

Delivered into

Cold wind

Received by

Broken hands


Is your Origin

You are made from

Sacred thread

Stretching back

To the beginning

Of time

To the wound

That broke this world

Into existence

So drink the nectar

Of never ending grief

From your open wounds flow

The dark winds

Of power

Throw away your

Mending tools

Drink deeply

And receive

Your wound is a


Overflowing with

The elixir of


You cannot heal it

It heals you

Holy Whore


Can the body of a woman be your teacher?

The veils stripped away

Naked and empty

Is there a wisdom in her soft curves? 

Do you know the language of a circle?

What about her writhing undulations? Her wild pleasure?

Her wetness?

Can your lust inform your heart?

Is she sacred or profane? 

What about the animal of the body that is your one true name? 

Is she worthy of respect?

Or will you deem her as a petty object, unworthy of...

Does your Desire conflict with your Morality?

Does she seduce you into feeling things you would rather not feel?

Is she a demon? A whore?

A helpless victim?

Do you wish that you could rescue her? 

Does she make you feel angry? Scared? 

Are you lost? Have you forgotten the way home? 

Do you long to be reunited in the temple of the womb?


Keeper of the secrets

Mother of Oneness

The original ecstasy

Do you remember? 


Soft forgiving endless love

The nectar of the heart

Eyes that gaze into the deepest corners of your soul

The ocean of her belly rocking 

Free and full and vital as you

Sucked and ached with such sweet longing that

Your tender heart broke open wide

Dissolving into All of Everything

Do you see who you really are?

Life is a Mystery

Sex is how we remember

Where God Lives


I don't care how many degrees you have
Or what lineage you come from
Or what guru initiated you
Or how many sacred texts you've read 

Your credentials are irrelevant 

I want to dance with you
In the density 

I want to feel your
Unhidden brokenness
And savor
That luminous dark place
That shines
From the cracks
In your facade

I want to see the way your eyes
Look back at me
In that place where
We share
This absurd inside joke
Of being alive 

I want to see
The way you melt
Into the moment
With bravery 

Don't try to impress me, please
I want to see your honest terror
As you wobble into the unfolding
Of the moment

Knowledge cannot teach you
How to pulse
In the fertile not knowing
Of the heart

Knowledge can not reveal
The wild innocence
Of your feral, love drenched being

Knowledge cannot strip you

It can only conceal you

Your Ideas about truth
Are getting in the way 

Sweet child, see
God exists
In the uncertainty


All I Want is Me


There is a place in my heart
When I sink down and in
Where I am surprised to discover
I am already whole
My mind is suspicious
Yet it is undeniably true
When I sink down and in
I find my problems
Are not actually problems
But places of wild tenderness
Where I find myself again
When I sink down and in
When I slow down inside
When I trust enough
To melt
I find
I am only ever meeting
And this meeting
Is the truth
It is the secret desire
Inside all desires:
All I ever really wanted
Was me

The Wound of Love


I gave up
On healing my trauma
I gave up
On practicing the skills
To become whole
Today I gave up
On evolving
Into that ever elusive
Better version of myself
Today I submitted
To the wound of love
I stopped pointing at it
Looking at it
Soothing it
Tweaking it
Fixing it
Finessing it
Hiding it
Polishing it
I stopped this game of separation
I crawled inside the wound
And spread it open
I decided to wear it like a gown
I accepted my total and utter
To be anything else
But me

The Poison is the Medicine


Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame. 
Inside each of these is the seed of humility and grace.
The beauty of the mess. 
Natural. Uncontrived. You.
You without pretense. 
You without absolute certainty.
You arising spontaneously in the ever unfolding not knowing of the moment.
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame.
They show you:
Who you are cannot ever be fully known and named and grasped. 
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame.
In appropriate doses, these are great medicines.
Necessary tinctures for living an embodied life.
They keep you grounded. Humble. Sane. 
They keep you awake to your deep fragility. 
Leaving you pourous and thus open to receive. 
They are inoculations against narcissistic delusions of grandeur. 
We are not only God. We are human. 
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame. 
Keeps you low. 
Pinned to the ground. 
Contained in this body. 
Tender to the touch of life. 
They are great protectors. 
They remind you you are not in control and
You do not know what's coming next.
You are not definitive. 
And you don't need to try to be.
You are, in your honest heart, not knowing.

The Doorway


If you listen closely
You will discover
Your body is not only a tool
It is a doorway
If you are humble enough to listen
She will teach you
She will crack open this world
And lead you into another
She will peel away a veil and show you
That what you thought was solid
Is porous
What you felt to be known
Is actually dancing in the ecstasy of unbecoming
That in your right thigh
Is a vast web of constellated stars
That portals into wisdom are hidden in the
Space between your vertebrae
That oceans of mystic poetry are
Painted on the walls of some mysterious dark cavern
In your belly
That your breath can meet the curve of spine
In just the right way
That it calls your lost Beloved into your heart
The body is a doorway
And written on the archway it says these words:
Slow down inside
Feel me


Your True Face

Dont be too quick
To grasp the reins
To steer towards
A familiar sense of
To regain some semblance of
Look closer...
These cracks in solidity
Are the fertile ground
Where life aches to
The old is crumbling
The new is not yet formed
So shake and wobble
And let your weary heart doubt
Wash the clarity of your knowing
With the thick mud
Of confusion
These legs were not made
To walk a straight line
So dance
dance in circles
And fall down
You are the child of
And thunderstorms
Your true face
Was always
Will always be


Sink sweetly into this

The core, ripe and round within
Waiting to be peeled
The fruit of the tree is the
Nectar of God
Wet mouth wide, enveloping sky

The roots of the tree sink and drink from
Leaves expand, reaching branches, open hands
Into Fullness


Come into this core
See and feel from the inside
Come inside
Sink Deeper
Become the dance within the
Watch how the static self melts

It is you who dances, dissolves

It is you ever changing
In each



This Desire is the
Of You

Do not grasp

Savor the flavor of this
The hungry
Fuel of Life

The elixir of Desire is the
Magnet of the
The pull of her
The movement of the
Desire is the flowers
That reaches for the
Brings the nectar to the bee
Drinks the water up the roots
To the body of the tree

Desire is the bang of
Beating in the
At the center of

Celebrate this movement
Here, now, for you
Desire is the sweet
Kiss of the


Feminine Transmission

I am fluid water

Slippery love that gets inside the cracks of you

What is hard I will soften into earth

These illusions of control you grip and hold so tightly

Will crumble with one small flick of my wrist




I can drip into the crevice where the structure starts to break

Filling up what makes the whole foundation shake

I am less concerned with gestures that create or destroy

I just flow where the space of the river opens wide


I am different every day

My love has no boundaries

I am changing every moment


This is not a whim or a spell

You see, there is an ecstasy in alchemy


My dance is a prayer with





All birthed from the spacious void of my 

Tender Womb


I can turn dense matter of earth into

Subtle frequencies of light

I can pull the heavy darkness 

Up inside of me

I can transmute it into prisms so subtle

They cannot be seen, only sensed


It requires the heightened instincts of an animal 

To feel such information



I can also take the fractals

Soft hints of electric language of the stars

Down, down, down into my body

Into thick black blood

Back into the earth


I am

Communing with the very pulse of this moment

I am taking in and letting go

Filling up and emptying out

I am the endless throb

The infinite thrust




For Eternity


Beloved, Come and drink from me

I am a fountain which never runs dry

All of You



Yes You.


All of you. 


Your chaos and your madness


Your foolish nonsense


Your fearless magic


You are welcome here


Your passion and your eros


Your red fever dreams


Your resistance


Your doubt


Your power, wild and uncontained


You, yes, you


Your fist of rage


Your bottomless grief


Your heart break bursting out at the seams 


Spilling out in messy floods of Inconvenient feelings




Yes, you.


Your oceans of confusion


Your terror running deep


Your river of longing


Your precious illusions


Even if it makes you look foolish


Even if it makes you go mad


All of you is welcome here 


Your brain tangled with neurons Firing wild impulses 


From the dark forest of your unconscious


You are Welcome Here


The twisted vines and purple fog of melancholy in your heart


Your bloody messy crazy love


Your fears


Your Desires, wet with unrequited lust


Pushing and stretching to be expressed


The lies you told yourself


Your deepest regrets 


The mess of never getting it exactly as you had planned


You. Yes. You.


Your awkward stumbles 


Your shakey knees 


Your hunger for some meaning


You are welcome Here


Your flaming hatred


Your tender broken faith


Your need for control


You are welcome here.


Your untainted innocence 


Your will to rise again


The pain you try to hide .


You are welcome




I want every part of me touched and seen


I want to be as big as the universe and


As tiny as an insect


I want every contradiction


Every disproportionate feeling


Every chaotic thought to be met


Right Here. 


I want to writhe and howl and groan with the deep root of Life


I want to be held with such soft sweetness that


This fragile ache finally opens and lets go.


 I want to be known as a depraved and holy animal


As consciousness, as infinite 


As flesh and bone and skin 


I want to roll on the ground and slither


I want to scream


I want to kiss where my feet have been 


I want to cry and need and feel


Right. Here. 


I want to explode and hold


This ancient pulsing groan of ocean that lives in me


Right Here.


Meet me here 


Where the paint touches the canvas


Where the past is dead and dangling


Where the future is a vacant space


Right Here 


Where this unfolding moment is the refuge of the heart


Right Here


Come with me


You are welcome here



Married to the Void

I admit, I am a creature of the Night....

For me the luminous abyss of Darkness is more beautiful than any display of Light.

I love the cool shade of a cave and the moment just before the storm rolls in at dusk.

I love the infinite stillness and silence of the Void and the booming power of the black hole where even stars don't shine.

I thrive in the realm of depth, mystery, secrets...

Attuned to what is beneath the surface, what is hidden and unspoken...

What has always been here all along...

I like to find the cracks where the light doesn't shine and slip inside and open wide and let love be made through me.

A deep sea diver of the psyche...

Digesting shadows and demons to birth ecstatic revelations...

My realm is the razors edge...

Between sacred and profane...

Between genius and insanity...

In the fluid waters beyond morality...

I speak for the forgotten ones... The forsaken ones...

Whatever is indecent, blasphemous or despised I will turn towards it with wide open eyes...

And taste the sacred truth sung by the nihilistic muse with divine black diamonds between her thighs...

This is the return to innocence 

I live for the naked wild truth...

I like to unravel all the meaning and lick the sweet nectar that remains...

I like to plunge into the heart of contradiction...

And find the One hiding in the most unlikely places....

I like to turn down all the lights and feel my way through the the secret core which the ordinary eye can never see....

The Path of the Serpent Owl


It's okay not to have New Years resolutions

It's okay not to have big goals for your life

It's okay not to have plans you want to


It's okay not to chase your dreams

That path is not for everyone

Some walk the path of


They are traveling the road


Seeking the core

What is basic and essential

What has been there all along

Though we may be headed the same direction

Our spirals are mirror opposites

Some walk the path of the visionary

Creating abundance and

Dancing inside a multiplicity of forms

And Some walk the path

of the serpent owl

Becoming more and more naked

Shedding layers of fantasy into the ash

Night sky

Sitting in the dark

And seeing the way the wind moves

They do not walk a line or

poise their arrow to the target

They sit at the bottom of the ocean

And wait

Letting the waves devour them

They are following the pulse

of listening

To silence

Like a tiger in the brush

Waiting for existence to strike lightening

Into the fire of the heart

For this kind

Nothing less will do

Some are opening the palms of their hands

And unraveling

To become

Less and less

Until they are


To become the still point

In the center of


You know who you are

Keep going



Space is the Altar and You are the Offering


Give yourself 

To what is

Plunge inside the center

Of all your contradictions

Be the illegitimate love child 

Of Observed 

And Observer

Abandon your self consciousness

Like a feather dropped 

Inside a tornado

Burn your old pictures 

Burn your maps

Give yourself

To the undeniable



Space is the Lover

And you are Beloved

Space is the Altar 

And you are 

The Offering


Let this moment bare it's fangs

Bite your flesh

Feast on your blood

Let it drag you into the field at dawn

To strip you to your bones


Give your belly over

To be ravished by space 

Give your heart over 

To be ravished by space

Give your mind over

To be ravished by space

Let love be the the wave you ride

Laughing as you go

Knowing the crash

Is inevitable



Into The Wild


Life is a painful confusing hot mess

Out of the particular mess you are inside of

Gorgeous, Transformational Blessings are born

From those blessings are born 

Another mess

From that mess

More blessings 

From those blessings 

Another mess

Every choice you make

Every direction you go down

Will flower into fruits 

Both bitter and sweet

A gorgeous blessing 

And a confusing hot mess

There is no escape from the mess

There is no escape from the blessings

Life is sculpting you with 

Tender brutal hands of Love

This is the pathless path

This is the journey into the Wild


Lady Eros


You cannot hide from your Eros

Your heat

Your desire

Your longing

Your crazy fantasies

Your inconvenient hungers

Your messy truths

Your improper urges


You cannot hide from your Eros

She will hunt you down

And stalk you


Best to turn around

And face her

Look her dead in the eyes

Her electric, ferel

Untamed eyes

And just say



Let her work you over

In the dark

With both eyes open

Let her swallow you

Into the wild

Until you become



This savage arising

Is the radical kindness

Of true life

Seducing you to

Deep secrets

Hidden in the deep

Soul ground


Your dignity is restored

In the most undignified way


Follow your Eros

There is a twist

At the end


Only one


To find out

Love is Holding You


What if

There is nothing to heal

Because you are alive 

Because you are a raw heart

Open and feeling, everything always

What if hurting is forever

And there is no final place

Of eternal happiness

Where everything is clear

And you suffer no more

What if your whole life has been an attempt

To find that place 

The keys to the kingdom 

Which is only a fantasy  

Made up by your mind

What if reality is even sweeter

What if there is nothing to heal

What if pain and pleasure 

Are soul mates

Who need each other 

And your heart is the graveyard

Where flowers bloom

What if hurting is forever

And all you need to do

Is surrender to that Love

That holds it all

Without needing anything

To be different 



The Path of Dhumavati


Disappointment is sacred

Loss is my muse

Failure is my gateway

When the dream is shattered

When the hope sinks

When all is lost

True refuge is found


Here in this silence

This emptiness

Peace reveals its hidden face

The dark side of God

With black pupils 

That drip

Like the honey of stillness

With black pupils 

That illuminate 


With black pupils like

Two bowls, full of space

Rounding out 

That echo

Of what used to be


When the circle is complete

When the line of my unfinished life

Has been broken

And there are no cracks that remain

Just space in between

Just silence broken open

Just the end of an exhale


In this temple of ruin

In this holy emptiness

There is only one thing that remains

Just One Thing

Just tender clarity 

Shining out like wild diamonds

Out of knowing eyes

Just one taste

Just two hands letting go

Just that returning

To the ground that was always here

Just that remembering

Just one thing

Just that one sound

You make

When you turn to face yourself


In this temple of ruin

My heart knows the secret

When there is nothing left to lose

Nothing left to hold on to

Just a smile, soft and bending

Like the arc of a rainbow

A smile that has no origin

Has no function 

A smile without purpose

That does not need the circumstances

Of this life

To meet any expectation


When all my preferences 

Are smeared wet rain 

When the fog on a window

Becomes the place for my heart

To press its small fingerprints

Against the glass

To watch it shine and fade


When I do not recognize 

The new path in front of me

When it is Just Me 

In my silence

Smiling at the moon

With a body

Full of Sky

Follow The Ache


Embrace your
To your
Unholy, Entangled

These are the
That cut you
These are the
That cut you
That pierce you
So the
Flows in

The sacred ache
Of your wanting
Is the only
Strong enough
Down to the
Where you are
To the
Where you are
And Utter

This is the
Secret Altar
Of Love
Adorned with the
Roses of
Bitter sweet
Adorned with the
Of naked Truth
Filled with the
Of disillusioned

This the
Secret Altar
Of Love
This is rock bottom
Where at last
True Freedom
Can Arise

When in doubt
The Ache



So much talk of the divine feminine these days yet most of what I see is still Eve worship... The holy mother soft yin receptive nurturing side of Her... There is a serious castration of the goddess going on in this perversely patriarchal worship of the gentle side of the feminine... It's like sucking at her generous soothing tit while forgetting the lower half of her body

If you want to worship the goddess and see the feminine rise you've got to get down on your knees and worship the holy savage power between her legs too

The sacred whore, Lilith, dark Goddess
The untethered wildness of her holy Night

The raw untamed boundless power that arises in the vessel of her sexual potency

This is the power that made God banish Lilith because Adam couldn't handle the undulation of her hips...kicked out of the garden and replaced by the submissive gentle digestible Eve

The power of woman is so fierce and total that it has been feared as evil

To worship this bitch you have to tread the fine line between sacred and profane, good and evil, madonna and whore, spiritual and sexual

She is not squeaky clean. She does not come to you in a bubble bath of roses. Smear your body in dirt if you want to know Her. She rises from the cunt. The messy sticky feral juice of power unbounded by duality...She is the radical force of life itself, moving without agenda or name, forsaken by the dredges of polite society. 
The feminine is not only the soft forgiving caress of the breast. She is pure Power. She is the pulsation of crazy wisdom erupting from the chalice of her sexual core. She is the tigress. She is the relentless throb of existence unraveling sacred truth, guided by the fierce instinct of non dual knowing. A magnetic pussy that dilates in tune with the Real. She is the descending current, married to the mystery of the divine in density. She is the bleeding orgasm of agony and ecstasy, and her temple is wrapped in snakes dripping down her thighs.

If you want to see the feminine rise, get down on your knees in the dirt and worship the messy cunt of the one who has been forgotten....