The Goddess of Reality


Let it be known

I worship the Goddess

The one with tangled hair where insects nest

The one with blood soaked thighs

The one who crushes my concepts 

With her razor teeth 

And spits my mind into the wind

She shakes her belly to the beat

Of primordial passion

And feasts on the meat of ignorance 

She wanders in the garden with a basket 

Woven with the chaos of stars

She is naked

And savoring

Every petal and thorn

She churns the wheel of time 

And casts the seeds of manifestation

Without rhyme or reason

She is senseless and crazy

Innocent and free

Her skin is the color of heart break and 

Her eyes the sound of laughter

She takes no prisoners

She can not be contained

Or rationalized

She wont conform to my ideas of

What reality is

Or how things should be 

Just when I think I have her under control 

She takes me down

She will not be dominated

She always wins

She stomps to the beat and throws her hips 

She is the prowl of the panther

And the leaping deer of supreme delight

Her hair smells of tobacco and pine

She carries a knife in her pocket 

And holds a lily in her hand

She is pure in heart

She is the darkness of thunder

She is the undercover agent 

Of divine madness

Whose ruthlessness is the compassion

That severs my arrogance and 

Undoes my separation 

So that I may know her deeply

And drink in the wild radiance

Of her holy mess

With all that I am

I submit to her 

With all that I am 

I prostrate before her

Insane beauty 

She demands the death

Of all my control

When I am humble and true

She comes to me


She says.

“Why aren't you dancing!”

I surrender all reason

She will not be tamed

My submission is my devotion

I have tried to control her

In 10,000 ways

Tried to seduce her into 

My happiness 

Yet she is the Grace

That smashes all hope 

And opens up the blessed wound

Of living

When I am exhausted and weary

She brings me to my knees

Her muddy feet

Are the altar of worship 

The palace of freedom

Where Joy is born

I love Her

This feral beast woman

Spinning chaos and tenderness with her 


Whose tongue speaks no meaning

Whose laughter is the rose

Of shameless beauty

Whose smile is the sword

That slays all striving 

To the one who can never be possessed 

Or contained 

I submit

To the one who is drenched 

In the nectar of Love

To the one who demands 

Nothing less 

To the Goddess of Reality

I dance with her because

There is nothing left

To do

God's Slut


I am Gods Slut

With every footstep I press into God

And God reaches up to me

To hold my cracked and dusty feet

God is the path that longs for me

I am Gods Slut

In the juice of fruit

Dripping down my chin

In every lilac bud and rotten meat and

salt of ocean air

I am there

Plunging naked breast

And hungry mouth

Into every nook and cranny

Inhaling loves most tender secrets

Drinking in God

As God drinks me

I am Gods Slut

Down in the trash yards

With twinkling stars of glass shards and

Crows with blood soaked wings

In the well kept temples

Filled with incense and song

In the light soaked hilltop meadow

At dawn

In the crowded markets humming with

Vast hunger and greed

I am stripping naked

On my knees

Prostrating myself

Before God

I am Gods Slut

I am swimming in the swollen tides

Of Gods overflowing womb

I am laying my head in his lap

Whispering incantations of magic

And chanting prayers of longing

To Gods multitude of faces

Every where I go

I throw myself at Gods feet

I offer my tongue and word and lip and belly

I offer throat and nipple and ear

I offer skin and heart and failure

I offer even what I do not have to give

To Gods endless alter

There is never enough God for me

I am Gods Slut

I cannot help but

Spread myself open before God

There is no where I will not go to

Look for my Beloved

In the broken houses

Of my desecrated dreams

Even the damp and musty floorboards

Smell of God

With my rivals and my enemies

With my lovers and my friends

In the shaky hands of beggars

In the laughter of children

And the lustful eyes of Men

I am always with my Beloved

Even in my illusions

I am chasing Gods

Mysterious shadow

I am Gods Slut

When I am ashamed

God drapes me in his dark eyes

When my heart is broken

God is the knife in my chest

When I am silent I am only singing

Love songs to God

Everywhere that I go is Gods temple

In every thing that I do

I am riding Gods body

I am always fulfilled

And never satisfied

With how much God I can take

Into me

I am Gods Slut

When I fall down

I fall into God

When I limp and when I dance

When I rage and I rejoice

It is Gods breath I ride

Into that wild trembling grace

Every movement in my chest

Is only Gods sublime embrace

I am Gods Slut

When my bones ache with tiredness

God is penetrating me

When I lose my mind in confusion

God is ravishing me

In the wind God kisses me

In the rain God baptizes me

When I gaze at the moon

God gazes back at me

When I light a candle

God warms me

When I am chaste

God mourns me

And when God spits

Into my mouth

I drink it gladly

I am Gods slut

In every whisper of orange peel and

shimmer of pain

Every cat fur and rose petal and decaying leaf

Every visitor in my heart

Of sorrow and delight

Every tendril of lily pad and tear drop

And scream of siren

Every bitter and drunken taste

I am inhaling Gods scent

Tasting Gods Tongue

Caressing Gods Body

I am always walking towards him

I am Gods Slut

There is no where I will not

Make love to God

I seduce God

And God seduces me

God hides from me

And in my yearning

God appears to me again

In the traffic jam

I lock eyes with strangers

And God comes rushing in

My mouth is always reaching

Aching for some word of praise

Worthy of being spoken

For this nameless, senseless

Shameless devotion

I am Gods Slut

I am dripping for God

Searching for God

Clawing my way into

The arms of God

Inhaling God in every breath

And when I tear down the walls

That keep God separate from me

I realize God is the axe I swing

And when my hands bleed

Gods blood

I offer God the cup

Of wine

I am Gods Slut

In the pause between the breath

In the space between my heartbeats


What is known

And not known

God takes me down

To ravish me

Into the ecstasy

That only Fools for Love

Can be

I am Gods Slut

Begging God

To have his way with me

Feminine Knowing


When it smells off


This is a feral siddhi

Primal intuition

No you’re not “in resistance to what is”

No you’re not “blocked”

No this isn’t your attachment disorder

Or your core wound

Or your trauma

Or your spiritual immaturity

Or your growth edge

No this is not a projection

This is your innate bodily wisdom

The feminine knowing

Deeper than the mind

If it smells off

You’re right

You can trust yourself

Maybe words can’t explain it

That doesn’t mean it’s not real

It’s real

It. Is. Real

You are the harvester of wisdom

Buried deep in the black of earth

Down down down down

Way way down

You know

You feel it

You smell it

It’s simple

It’s undeniable

Feminine Knowing

You are an animal

Hunting Truth

That has no name

When it smells right

Eat it

When it smells off


These are the feral siddhis

The intelligence of womb and belly

She is speaking to you


Don’t be pulled off track

By the brilliant webs of mind

By the hierarchy of logic

By the labyrinth of stories

By the theories bought and sold

The mind can turn anything into truth



So who is to trust?

When you don’t know where to step

Turn to the feral one

The wolf in your bones

The dragon in your belly

The one who knows

Without hesitation

Like a tiger in the brush

Knows when to pounce

Primal intuition

Trust yourself

Smell from the depths of

Crazy knowing



Hear what you knew

Long before you knew

You knew

Grief is the Sane Heart


In this reality

Of impermanence

Where change

Is the only


And Kali

Lays her sword of


Upon every

Precious lamb

Without discernment

Without favor

Without mercy


Every single thing

Shall pass

Every precious attachment

Will be returned to the ocean

In this reality

Of constant churning

Of birth and death

In every breath

Grief becomes a daily


Grief is way we dance on

The ashes

We know this in our bones

This holding on and

Letting go

Grief is the

Sane heart

The middle ground

In the space between

Our embrace

And dissolve

Before the next embrace

Grief is there saying

I loved you

Thank you


Feral Yoga


My yoga is simple

It is

To turn every


Of my body

Into an ear

Straining to hear

Gentle music

In the distance

Then with all that I am

I listen

And wait

Until my body

Is the body

Of the universe

My mantra is simple

It is the silence

Between words

I give myself


To her dark velvet


And I with all that I am

I listen

Until my heart

Is the black hole

At the center

Of the sun

Gushing power

Into radiance

As luminous as the morning

Wet with nights rain

I have just one place of worship

It is that one divine temple

That lives inside the core of

Every thing

My practice is simple

It is to inhale god

And exhale goddess

It is to chant unknowing

Into wonder

It is to hunt that joy

That is deeper than the mind

That swells in the belly

Of every sublime and heartbroken


Until my hunt fatigues

And finally

She has her way

With me



The purpose of your


Is to be


By a problem

You cannot solve

This problem

Is your souls


It haunts you

And finds you

Again and again

You will try


To resolve this problem

And in your trying

You will deepen

Into the primordial


Of wisdom, beyond understanding

This problem

Is the Beloved

That won’t let you

Get away

This problem only asks

That you live into her

This koan with no


This mystery school

With one student

This perplexing


This repetitive question

This riddle

Is your path

It is the way you walk the earth

Your life itself

Is the answer

Let Them Make Love


You want to exist

That is not Holy

You don’t want to exist

That is not Holy

Heaven and Hell

Are a hairs breath apart

Always here

At the same time


In Holy rhythm

Together they are


The beauty and the tragedy

Pouring into each other

Feeding each other fruits

With their naked hands

Sipping power and delight

From their lips

Aching with erotic wonder

This is the crucible of


These two worlds

In one space

You are the bridge

Where they gather

To love

Give Up


When you fail

Don’t be so quick

To dust yourself off

With pep talks

Meant to get you

To rise up triumphantly

And exclaim

I am not giving up!

Don’t be triumphant


Give up

Yes that’s right

Give up

Not forever

But just for now

Just for a moment, at least




Give it all up

You will be tempted

To comfort yourself

With spiritual concepts

Meant to assure you

This is all for the best

This is all part of a grand plan

To cleanse you

Purify you

To teach you a grand lesson

To make you triumphant




Don’t do any of this

Don’t be a hero

But also do not be devoured

By shame by self hatred

This is just the same game played



Just give both up

Just for a moment

Just stay low

Low to the ground

Your false self


Breathe the grass

Taste the dew

Inhale the soil

You failed

You broke

Life broke

Kiss the brokenness

And receive

Your true self is hidden

In these spaces in between



You were born

From a wound

Cut from safety

Delivered into

Cold wind

Received by

Broken hands


Is your Origin

You are made from

Sacred thread

Stretching back

To the beginning

Of time

To the wound

That broke this world

Into existence

So drink the nectar

Of never ending grief

From your open wounds flow

The dark winds

Of power

Throw away your

Mending tools

Drink deeply

And receive

Your wound is a


Overflowing with

The elixir of


You cannot heal it

It heals you

Holy Whore


Can the body of a woman be your teacher?

The veils stripped away

Naked and empty

Is there a wisdom in her soft curves? 

Do you know the language of a circle?

What about her writhing undulations? Her wild pleasure?

Her wetness?

Can your lust inform your heart?

Is she sacred or profane? 

What about the animal of the body that is your one true name? 

Is she worthy of respect?

Or will you deem her as a petty object, unworthy of...

Does your Desire conflict with your Morality?

Does she seduce you into feeling things you would rather not feel?

Is she a demon? A whore?

A helpless victim?

Do you wish that you could rescue her? 

Does she make you feel angry? Scared? 

Are you lost? Have you forgotten the way home? 

Do you long to be reunited in the temple of the womb?


Keeper of the secrets

Mother of Oneness

The original ecstasy

Do you remember? 


Soft forgiving endless love

The nectar of the heart

Eyes that gaze into the deepest corners of your soul

The ocean of her belly rocking 

Free and full and vital as you

Sucked and ached with such sweet longing that

Your tender heart broke open wide

Dissolving into All of Everything

Do you see who you really are?

Life is a Mystery

Sex is how we remember

Where God Lives


I don't care how many degrees you have
Or what lineage you come from
Or what guru initiated you
Or how many sacred texts you've read 

Your credentials are irrelevant 

I want to dance with you
In the density 

I want to feel your
Unhidden brokenness
And savor
That luminous dark place
That shines
From the cracks
In your facade

I want to see the way your eyes
Look back at me
In that place where
We share
This absurd inside joke
Of being alive 

I want to see
The way you melt
Into the moment
With bravery 

Don't try to impress me, please
I want to see your honest terror
As you wobble into the unfolding
Of the moment

Knowledge cannot teach you
How to pulse
In the fertile not knowing
Of the heart

Knowledge can not reveal
The wild innocence
Of your feral, love drenched being

Knowledge cannot strip you

It can only conceal you

Your Ideas about truth
Are getting in the way 

Sweet child, see
God exists
In the uncertainty


All I Want is Me


There is a place in my heart
When I sink down and in
Where I am surprised to discover
I am already whole
My mind is suspicious
Yet it is undeniably true
When I sink down and in
I find my problems
Are not actually problems
But places of wild tenderness
Where I find myself again
When I sink down and in
When I slow down inside
When I trust enough
To melt
I find
I am only ever meeting
And this meeting
Is the truth
It is the secret desire
Inside all desires:
All I ever really wanted
Was me

The Wound of Love


I gave up
On healing my trauma
I gave up
On practicing the skills
To become whole
Today I gave up
On evolving
Into that ever elusive
Better version of myself
Today I submitted
To the wound of love
I stopped pointing at it
Looking at it
Soothing it
Tweaking it
Fixing it
Finessing it
Hiding it
Polishing it
I stopped this game of separation
I crawled inside the wound
And spread it open
I decided to wear it like a gown
I accepted my total and utter
To be anything else
But me

The Poison is the Medicine


Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame. 
Inside each of these is the seed of humility and grace.
The beauty of the mess. 
Natural. Uncontrived. You.
You without pretense. 
You without absolute certainty.
You arising spontaneously in the ever unfolding not knowing of the moment.
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame.
They show you:
Who you are cannot ever be fully known and named and grasped. 
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame.
In appropriate doses, these are great medicines.
Necessary tinctures for living an embodied life.
They keep you grounded. Humble. Sane. 
They keep you awake to your deep fragility. 
Leaving you pourous and thus open to receive. 
They are inoculations against narcissistic delusions of grandeur. 
We are not only God. We are human. 
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame. 
Keeps you low. 
Pinned to the ground. 
Contained in this body. 
Tender to the touch of life. 
They are great protectors. 
They remind you you are not in control and
You do not know what's coming next.
You are not definitive. 
And you don't need to try to be.
You are, in your honest heart, not knowing.

The Doorway


If you listen closely
You will discover
Your body is not only a tool
It is a doorway
If you are humble enough to listen
She will teach you
She will crack open this world
And lead you into another
She will peel away a veil and show you
That what you thought was solid
Is porous
What you felt to be known
Is actually dancing in the ecstasy of unbecoming
That in your right thigh
Is a vast web of constellated stars
That portals into wisdom are hidden in the
Space between your vertebrae
That oceans of mystic poetry are
Painted on the walls of some mysterious dark cavern
In your belly
That your breath can meet the curve of spine
In just the right way
That it calls your lost Beloved into your heart
The body is a doorway
And written on the archway it says these words:
Slow down inside
Feel me


Your True Face

Dont be too quick
To grasp the reins
To steer towards
A familiar sense of
To regain some semblance of
Look closer...
These cracks in solidity
Are the fertile ground
Where life aches to
The old is crumbling
The new is not yet formed
So shake and wobble
And let your weary heart doubt
Wash the clarity of your knowing
With the thick mud
Of confusion
These legs were not made
To walk a straight line
So dance
dance in circles
And fall down
You are the child of
And thunderstorms
Your true face
Was always
Will always be


Sink sweetly into this

The core, ripe and round within
Waiting to be peeled
The fruit of the tree is the
Nectar of God
Wet mouth wide, enveloping sky

The roots of the tree sink and drink from
Leaves expand, reaching branches, open hands
Into Fullness


Come into this core
See and feel from the inside
Come inside
Sink Deeper
Become the dance within the
Watch how the static self melts

It is you who dances, dissolves

It is you ever changing
In each



This Desire is the
Of You

Do not grasp

Savor the flavor of this
The hungry
Fuel of Life

The elixir of Desire is the
Magnet of the
The pull of her
The movement of the
Desire is the flowers
That reaches for the
Brings the nectar to the bee
Drinks the water up the roots
To the body of the tree

Desire is the bang of
Beating in the
At the center of

Celebrate this movement
Here, now, for you
Desire is the sweet
Kiss of the


Feminine Transmission

I am fluid water

Slippery love that gets inside the cracks of you

What is hard I will soften into earth

These illusions of control you grip and hold so tightly

Will crumble with one small flick of my wrist




I can drip into the crevice where the structure starts to break

Filling up what makes the whole foundation shake

I am less concerned with gestures that create or destroy

I just flow where the space of the river opens wide


I am different every day

My love has no boundaries

I am changing every moment


This is not a whim or a spell

You see, there is an ecstasy in alchemy


My dance is a prayer with





All birthed from the spacious void of my 

Tender Womb


I can turn dense matter of earth into

Subtle frequencies of light

I can pull the heavy darkness 

Up inside of me

I can transmute it into prisms so subtle

They cannot be seen, only sensed


It requires the heightened instincts of an animal 

To feel such information



I can also take the fractals

Soft hints of electric language of the stars

Down, down, down into my body

Into thick black blood

Back into the earth


I am

Communing with the very pulse of this moment

I am taking in and letting go

Filling up and emptying out

I am the endless throb

The infinite thrust




For Eternity


Beloved, Come and drink from me

I am a fountain which never runs dry

All of You



Yes You.


All of you. 


Your chaos and your madness


Your foolish nonsense


Your fearless magic


You are welcome here


Your passion and your eros


Your red fever dreams


Your resistance


Your doubt


Your power, wild and uncontained


You, yes, you


Your fist of rage


Your bottomless grief


Your heart break bursting out at the seams 


Spilling out in messy floods of Inconvenient feelings




Yes, you.


Your oceans of confusion


Your terror running deep


Your river of longing


Your precious illusions


Even if it makes you look foolish


Even if it makes you go mad


All of you is welcome here 


Your brain tangled with neurons Firing wild impulses 


From the dark forest of your unconscious


You are Welcome Here


The twisted vines and purple fog of melancholy in your heart


Your bloody messy crazy love


Your fears


Your Desires, wet with unrequited lust


Pushing and stretching to be expressed


The lies you told yourself


Your deepest regrets 


The mess of never getting it exactly as you had planned


You. Yes. You.


Your awkward stumbles 


Your shakey knees 


Your hunger for some meaning


You are welcome Here


Your flaming hatred


Your tender broken faith


Your need for control


You are welcome here.


Your untainted innocence 


Your will to rise again


The pain you try to hide .


You are welcome




I want every part of me touched and seen


I want to be as big as the universe and


As tiny as an insect


I want every contradiction


Every disproportionate feeling


Every chaotic thought to be met


Right Here. 


I want to writhe and howl and groan with the deep root of Life


I want to be held with such soft sweetness that


This fragile ache finally opens and lets go.


 I want to be known as a depraved and holy animal


As consciousness, as infinite 


As flesh and bone and skin 


I want to roll on the ground and slither


I want to scream


I want to kiss where my feet have been 


I want to cry and need and feel


Right. Here. 


I want to explode and hold


This ancient pulsing groan of ocean that lives in me


Right Here.


Meet me here 


Where the paint touches the canvas


Where the past is dead and dangling


Where the future is a vacant space


Right Here 


Where this unfolding moment is the refuge of the heart


Right Here


Come with me


You are welcome here



Married to the Void

I admit, I am a creature of the Night....

For me the luminous abyss of Darkness is more beautiful than any display of Light.

I love the cool shade of a cave and the moment just before the storm rolls in at dusk.

I love the infinite stillness and silence of the Void and the booming power of the black hole where even stars don't shine.

I thrive in the realm of depth, mystery, secrets...

Attuned to what is beneath the surface, what is hidden and unspoken...

What has always been here all along...

I like to find the cracks where the light doesn't shine and slip inside and open wide and let love be made through me.

A deep sea diver of the psyche...

Digesting shadows and demons to birth ecstatic revelations...

My realm is the razors edge...

Between sacred and profane...

Between genius and insanity...

In the fluid waters beyond morality...

I speak for the forgotten ones... The forsaken ones...

Whatever is indecent, blasphemous or despised I will turn towards it with wide open eyes...

And taste the sacred truth sung by the nihilistic muse with divine black diamonds between her thighs...

This is the return to innocence 

I live for the naked wild truth...

I like to unravel all the meaning and lick the sweet nectar that remains...

I like to plunge into the heart of contradiction...

And find the One hiding in the most unlikely places....

I like to turn down all the lights and feel my way through the the secret core which the ordinary eye can never see....