So much talk of the divine feminine these days yet most of what I see is still Eve worship... The holy mother soft yin receptive nurturing side of Her... There is a serious castration of the goddess going on in this perversely patriarchal worship of the gentle side of the feminine... It's like sucking at her generous soothing tit while forgetting the lower half of her body

If you want to worship the goddess and see the feminine rise you've got to get down on your knees and worship the holy savage power between her legs too

The sacred whore, Lilith, dark Goddess
The untethered wildness of her holy Night

The raw untamed boundless power that arises in the vessel of her sexual potency

This is the power that made God banish Lilith because Adam couldn't handle the undulation of her hips...kicked out of the garden and replaced by the submissive gentle digestible Eve

The power of woman is so fierce and total that it has been feared as evil

To worship this bitch you have to tread the fine line between sacred and profane, good and evil, madonna and whore, spiritual and sexual

She is not squeaky clean. She does not come to you in a bubble bath of roses. Smear your body in dirt if you want to know Her. She rises from the cunt. The messy sticky feral juice of power unbounded by duality...She is the radical force of life itself, moving without agenda or name, forsaken by the dredges of polite society. 
The feminine is not only the soft forgiving caress of the breast. She is pure Power. She is the pulsation of crazy wisdom erupting from the chalice of her sexual core. She is the tigress. She is the relentless throb of existence unraveling sacred truth, guided by the fierce instinct of non dual knowing. A magnetic pussy that dilates in tune with the Real. She is the descending current, married to the mystery of the divine in density. She is the bleeding orgasm of agony and ecstasy, and her temple is wrapped in snakes dripping down her thighs.

If you want to see the feminine rise, get down on your knees in the dirt and worship the messy cunt of the one who has been forgotten....