Vajrayogini Drinks her blood

To tell us: 


It is the realm of density, form and pain

That is the body of woman

It is the body of woman you must enter

To discover

The whole truth

The whole bloody, messy truth

Come into this body

Drink the poisons

Taste the meat

And experience the

Wave of Love

So luminous and dark

It swallows all distinctions

All preferences

With which you have built

The prison

You call your own home

A prison 

You have crafted out of


And the brittle leaves

Of mind

Come here, come down!

You wish to ascend

To be purified and clean

But it is through the Descent

That you see the Truth

Up close

She wears skulls to remind us:

You are going to Die

Embrace this fact

Let it rest on every breath

For the ground you stand on

Has no ground

Impermanence is

The nature of this beast

Remember you are dying

And be awake, NOW

She rattles her skulls

To show us: 


Look underneath

Forget surface appearances

They are leading you astray

Go down deeper

To what is hidden


Go down deeper

To the core, the roots

And see the One in everything

The Divine you seek

Is not some idealized light

Beyond the gates of


It is right here

In the Holy Ground

The blood and guts

And dirt

The agony and ecstasy

Of this unfinished Life

There is nothing out there

Which is not already here

In the decaying matter of form

Your imperfect humanity

Shines with perfection

I drink my own blood

As an embrace

Of you

Come down! Come inside!

In the dense reality of Her

Birthing Pains

The bitter sweet scent

Of Her decay

And moist secretions

Of Her pleasure

Come! She says

Let me whisper in your ear

A sound which is


It is the Truth

Which cannot be spoken

Only known through

The body

Of Woman