The Path of Dhumavati


Disappointment is sacred

Loss is my muse

Failure is my gateway

When the dream is shattered

When the hope sinks

When all is lost

True refuge is found


Here in this silence

This emptiness

Peace reveals its hidden face

The dark side of God

With black pupils 

That drip

Like the honey of stillness

With black pupils 

That illuminate 


With black pupils like

Two bowls, full of space

Rounding out 

That echo

Of what used to be


When the circle is complete

When the line of my unfinished life

Has been broken

And there are no cracks that remain

Just space in between

Just silence broken open

Just the end of an exhale


In this temple of ruin

In this holy emptiness

There is only one thing that remains

Just One Thing

Just tender clarity 

Shining out like wild diamonds

Out of knowing eyes

Just one taste

Just two hands letting go

Just that returning

To the ground that was always here

Just that remembering

Just one thing

Just that one sound

You make

When you turn to face yourself


In this temple of ruin

My heart knows the secret

When there is nothing left to lose

Nothing left to hold on to

Just a smile, soft and bending

Like the arc of a rainbow

A smile that has no origin

Has no function 

A smile without purpose

That does not need the circumstances

Of this life

To meet any expectation


When all my preferences 

Are smeared wet rain 

When the fog on a window

Becomes the place for my heart

To press its small fingerprints

Against the glass

To watch it shine and fade


When I do not recognize 

The new path in front of me

When it is Just Me 

In my silence

Smiling at the moon

With a body

Full of Sky