Space is the Altar and You are the Offering


Give yourself 

To what is

Plunge inside the center

Of all your contradictions

Be the illegitimate love child 

Of Observed 

And Observer

Abandon your self consciousness

Like a feather dropped 

Inside a tornado

Burn your old pictures 

Burn your maps

Give yourself

To the undeniable



Space is the Lover

And you are Beloved

Space is the Altar 

And you are 

The Offering


Let this moment bare it's fangs

Bite your flesh

Feast on your blood

Let it drag you into the field at dawn

To strip you to your bones


Give your belly over

To be ravished by space 

Give your heart over 

To be ravished by space

Give your mind over

To be ravished by space

Let love be the the wave you ride

Laughing as you go

Knowing the crash

Is inevitable