Feminine Transmission

I am fluid water

Slippery love that gets inside the cracks of you

What is hard I will soften into earth

These illusions of control you grip and hold so tightly

Will crumble with one small flick of my wrist




I can drip into the crevice where the structure starts to break

Filling up what makes the whole foundation shake

I am less concerned with gestures that create or destroy

I just flow where the space of the river opens wide


I am different every day

My love has no boundaries

I am changing every moment


This is not a whim or a spell

You see, there is an ecstasy in alchemy


My dance is a prayer with





All birthed from the spacious void of my 

Tender Womb


I can turn dense matter of earth into

Subtle frequencies of light

I can pull the heavy darkness 

Up inside of me

I can transmute it into prisms so subtle

They cannot be seen, only sensed


It requires the heightened instincts of an animal 

To feel such information



I can also take the fractals

Soft hints of electric language of the stars

Down, down, down into my body

Into thick black blood

Back into the earth


I am

Communing with the very pulse of this moment

I am taking in and letting go

Filling up and emptying out

I am the endless throb

The infinite thrust




For Eternity


Beloved, Come and drink from me

I am a fountain which never runs dry