Feral Yoga


My yoga is simple

It is

To turn every


Of my body

Into an ear

Straining to hear

Gentle music

In the distance

Then with all that I am

I listen

And wait

Until my body

Is the body

Of the universe

My mantra is simple

It is the silence

Between words

I give myself


To her dark velvet


And I with all that I am

I listen

Until my heart

Is the black hole

At the center

Of the sun

Gushing power

Into radiance

As luminous as the morning

Wet with nights rain

I have just one place of worship

It is that one divine temple

That lives inside the core of

Every thing

My practice is simple

It is to inhale god

And exhale goddess

It is to chant unknowing

Into wonder

It is to hunt that joy

That is deeper than the mind

That swells in the belly

Of every sublime and heartbroken


Until my hunt fatigues

And finally

She has her way

With me