The Poison is the Medicine


Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame. 
Inside each of these is the seed of humility and grace.
The beauty of the mess. 
Natural. Uncontrived. You.
You without pretense. 
You without absolute certainty.
You arising spontaneously in the ever unfolding not knowing of the moment.
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame.
They show you:
Who you are cannot ever be fully known and named and grasped. 
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame.
In appropriate doses, these are great medicines.
Necessary tinctures for living an embodied life.
They keep you grounded. Humble. Sane. 
They keep you awake to your deep fragility. 
Leaving you pourous and thus open to receive. 
They are inoculations against narcissistic delusions of grandeur. 
We are not only God. We are human. 
Insecurity. Self doubt. Shame. 
Keeps you low. 
Pinned to the ground. 
Contained in this body. 
Tender to the touch of life. 
They are great protectors. 
They remind you you are not in control and
You do not know what's coming next.
You are not definitive. 
And you don't need to try to be.
You are, in your honest heart, not knowing.