Holy Whore


Can the body of a woman be your teacher?

The veils stripped away

Naked and empty

Is there a wisdom in her soft curves? 

Do you know the language of a circle?

What about her writhing undulations? Her wild pleasure?

Her wetness?

Can your lust inform your heart?

Is she sacred or profane? 

What about the animal of the body that is your one true name? 

Is she worthy of respect?

Or will you deem her as a petty object, unworthy of...

Does your Desire conflict with your Morality?

Does she seduce you into feeling things you would rather not feel?

Is she a demon? A whore?

A helpless victim?

Do you wish that you could rescue her? 

Does she make you feel angry? Scared? 

Are you lost? Have you forgotten the way home? 

Do you long to be reunited in the temple of the womb?


Keeper of the secrets

Mother of Oneness

The original ecstasy

Do you remember? 


Soft forgiving endless love

The nectar of the heart

Eyes that gaze into the deepest corners of your soul

The ocean of her belly rocking 

Free and full and vital as you

Sucked and ached with such sweet longing that

Your tender heart broke open wide

Dissolving into All of Everything

Do you see who you really are?

Life is a Mystery

Sex is how we remember