Becoming Kali


You want to know 
Stop spitting out 
Your food 
And eat!
Behold the banquet 
Of density! 
Eat the chaos 
Be infused by 
The force 
That birthed this world into
Eat your struggle
Let it brand you 
The unbound freedom 
Of fire 
Eat your exhaustion 
Let it sand down 
The jagged edges of your 
Eat your losses
Let them open you 
Into the clarity 
Of empty space 
Eat your regrets 
Let them infuse you 
With the blessing
Of unnameable perfection 
Eat death 
Let it scatter into the ashes 
Of fertile ground
Eat your wound 
Let it fill you with 
The marrow of 
Unconditional kindness 
Eat your madness 
Let it explode you into 
The breathless beauty of stars 
Eat your limitations 
Let them press you 
Into a radiant diamond
Eat your hurt
Eat your devastation 
Eat your unbearable 
Heart break
Swallow these poisons 
Into the great heart
Bear down and birth 
Your own deathless body
Your pain is the portal 
To power