The Church of the Ordinary


When you sweep the floors
Gather your daily regrets in the pan
Release them into the afternoon sun
And let the dust of sorrow plant new dreams
When you wash the dishes
Scrub away the debris of mind
Let each bubble reveal the emptiness
Of your original face
When you cook food
Let your whole heart pour into every simmer and stir
Let every spice and kernel and grain
Your holy devotion
To this brief human Life
When you eat
Chew your own Love
Swallow the arms of the Mother
Let them wrap around your belly
With infinite compassion
Let every bite
Be an act of worship
When you bathe
Let your hands become healers
Strip the body of its tensions and confusions
Pour the water of suppleness back into your bones
Baptize yourself into Holy presence
Let your skin drink the nectar of open delight
Let your fingernails scratch open
Your tired old wounds
Until your wholeness is revealed
Beneath the static
When you walk
Let each toe pressing into earth
Be a thank you note
To the gift of ground
When you breathe
Let each inhale be a love letter to God
And every exhale a blessing to the trees
This is the sacred mundane
You are living prayer
And magic in motion
The church of the ordinary
Is the secret of secrets
For it is in the tiny places
That kindness lives
And this kindness
Is the doorway
To God

Art: “Bathing” by Gerezon on Deviant Art